What Is Modafinil? An Overview of Its Effects, Dosage & Side-Effects

Imagine the 5 minutes of your day when you’re most alert. Then imagine having the power to extend that duration of time to 5 or even 6 hours. Well, that’s what Modafinil promises to help you achieve. This cognitive enhancer has been used for decades to awaken brain power, improve memory and enhance executive functions of the brain. But what do the white pills contain? And is there any cause of concern for anyone taking or planning to take this noot? Let’s find out.

What Is Modafinil?

Simply put, modafinil is an oral drug that’s used to enhance wakefulness particularly by stimulating the brain. It works by stimulating the production of chemical neurotransmitters that the nerves use to pass information across. In particular, it works by improving the production of dopamine and reducing its reuptake into the nerves.

The smart drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998 just 9 months after the Irish Medicines Board approved it for narcolepsy treatment.

Although it’s specifically endorsed for treating narcolepsy, a chronic disease that often affects the brain and the spinal cord leading to an uncontrollable desire to sleep, off-label use of it to enhance productivity is quite common.

Entrepreneurs, students, and busy professionals alike turn to Modafinil to unlock their full brain potential. And there are quite a few good reasons why this smart drug is thought to stand in a class of its own.

*Promotes Wakefulness But Isn’t A stimulant

This noot acts like a stimulant but without the negative effects, e.g. jitters and lethargy, commonly associated with stimulants. Some people commonly prefer to refer to it as a eugeroic or a wakefulness-promoting agent. And needless to say, unlike classical stimulants, modafinil doesn’t have withdrawal effects or a crash.

*Not Addictive

Modafinil is a non-addictive smart drug. It’s no wonder most countries including Australia, the UK, Canada, Mexico which have approved it for non-controlled prescription use. The US has classified it as a schedule IV controlled substance which is rather strange given the country’s generalized sleep deprivation. But even then, there are hardly any active restrictions on the use and shipment of off-label modafinil within the US. And it’s not illegal to be caught using it either. Plus, it’s a much safer option compared to the likes of Valium and Xanax.

*Minimal Side Effects

Modafinil is, to a large extent, safe for everyone to use – although this experience isn’t typical. It indeed has a few side effects but a vast majority of these are mild and non-life threatening. These include reduced appetite, anxiety, nervousness, and dehydration. To avoid those, it’s recommended to stick to the product’s recommended dosage and to lead a healthy lifestyle. For instance, one should take lots of water and avoid taking this smart drug alongside other drugs. You should also avoid using it if you’ve been diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure before.

How It Works

In order to understand how this cognitive enhancer works, it’s important to understand its mechanism of action. First off, this noot works by elevating your histamine levels which are a well-known wakefulness element.

On top of that, this product works by improving the production of dopamine. This is an important chemical messenger in the brain that is involved in things like:

  • Regulating body movement
  • Elevating attention
  • Boosting memory
  • Enhancing reward and motivation attributes

In particular, when dopamine is released in significantly large amounts, it goes a long way in creating pleasure and the desire to repeat a specific behavior.

On the other hand, low levels of this chemical messenger are often linked to loss of enthusiasm and reduced motivation. And in a randomized study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Neuro-Oncology in 2012, modafinil was shown to reduce impulse responses. This was thought to indicate a reduced likelihood to make impulsive decisions e.g. impulse spending.

Other than elevating histamine and dopamine levels, this smart drug is known for increasing glutamine which comes in handy in the activation of glutamatergic circuits. Above all, it promotes the production of serotonin which is responsible for a “feel good effect.”

How Safe Is It?

To begin with, as we have already mentioned, this smart drug isn’t addictive. And to a large extent, this product is safe and can be used by virtually anyone who wants to get better at whatever they do in life. However, the safe nature of it makes it a candidate for abuse. For instance, there are some people who take an overdose in the attempt to stay awake for abnormally too long. This can make one sick. Likewise, one should be keen to avoid taking it along with other drugs – and particularly antibiotics.

The Recommended Dosage

What’s the recommended dosage of modafinil? You might be wondering. Well, according to the existing guidelines, 50 to 100 mg would be the ideal quantity. It’s potent is meant to last for 6 to 8 hours. The drug can be taken with or without food – again going a long way to confirming that this is indeed quite safe, a smart drug for anyone looking to biohack responsibly.

Modafinil Results

For most people, this cognitive enhancer helps them manage the pressure and stress of everyday life. Life is increasingly becoming competitive, tuitions fees are higher than ever and the pressure to deliver is at an all-time high. So, by using this enhancer, you can easily increase your productivity without putting your health on the line. The drug gives you the incentive to work harder and provides you with the motivation and focus needed to handle complex projects.


  • Easy to take
  • Easy to order online
  • Minimal side effects
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Has been around for many years
  • No long-term risks involved
  • Can improve your productivity
  • Can help folks with sleeping problems


  • Quite expensive
  • The results aren’t typical

Final Thoughts

This is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and value-packed nootropics available. It packs eugeroic as well as cognitive effects making it a must-have especially if you’d like to perform physically and mentally demanding tasks for long. On top of that, it’s generally safe to use and can be well-tolerated. It also appears to have an extremely low potential for addition. Even a quick read through different modafinil review posts confirms that most of the people who have used it were generally satisfied with its results.